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 sessions available in Aylesbeare, Devon from Saturday 4th July 2020

I am currently seeing clients online via Zoom. Online hypnotherapy works very well as most clients feel particularly relaxed in their own homes. All you need is a comfortable place to sit where you won't be disturbed for an hour and a good internet connection. I find that most clients find headphones beneficial as you can then block out any outside sounds, but they are not necessary. You also save time and money as there is no travelling involved and after the session, you can simply relax, rather than having to drive anywhere.

I offer a 15-minute free Zoom consultation, so you can "try before you buy" and see how comfortable you feel. Please contact me today to book your free session. 

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How can hypnotherapy help you? 

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Would you like to feel calmer? Read on...

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Overcome Depression

Hypnotherapy can help to lift that dark cloud...


Have you decided to kick the habit? Hypnotherapy can help...


Overcome PTSD

Learn how hypnotherapy can help you move on from past trauma...

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Create Happy Children

Children respond really well to hypnosis. Find out more... 


Release Fears and Phobias

Hypnotherapy is a very gentle and effective way of overcoming a phobia...


Past Life Regression

Visit past lives to break unhelpful patterns of behaviour...

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Increase Self- Confidence

I specialise in helping people to find their self-confidence...

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Hypnotherapy can help you manage chronic pain...

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Stop emotional eating and increase your motivation...

Are you ready to make those changes?

Hypnotherapy is no magic cure and it won't be a case of me "re-wiring" your brain while you lie back and sleep! You have to really want the change for therapy to be effective. It is a collaborative process and it will take some work. However, if you are determined to make those changes then together we can make you the happy, confident and successful person you were always meant to be. I use a combination of hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP techniques and CBT when working with you and will give you tasks to complete between sessions. 


Therapy is very much dependent on the relationship between the therapist and client so it is really important that you feel comfortable talking to me and feel that I am the person that can help you. I offer a free 15-minute consultation online, on the phone or in-person in Aylesbeare on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

Mind Massage

If you haven't experienced hypnotherapy before, what better way to start than with a relaxing "mind massage"?


This is a 45-minute hypnosis session designed to relax and reset your mind. 

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