Hypnotherapy For Children

As a qualified and experienced ex-Primary school teacher, I have always enjoyed working with children. However, I have seen firsthand how much pressure children often have to bear in this day and age and the consequences that can have. From family issues to school exam pressure, children often have a lot going on that they are expected to make sense of. Thankfully, children respond extremely well to hypnotherapy as they have such open minds and wonderful imaginations. I use a number of fun strategies with children, depending on the issue, the child's age and their personality. These include the use of stories featuring their favourite characters or superheroes, established during the initial consultation. I make a point of talking them through hypnosis and what it involves right from the start and answering any questions they might have, just as I would with an adult client. I will also teach them techniques and strategies that they can take forward to prepare them for issues they may encounter in the future. Hypnotherapy should be an enjoyable and relaxing process from start to finish. I insist that the parent or carer remain present at all times and it is important that all of us feel comfortable working together for the therapy to be successful. 

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