Improve Your Self-Confidence

What is Self-Confidence?


Self-confidence is simply a state of mind. It is that wonderful, positive feeling that you can tackle everything that life has in store for you. We are all born with self-confidence but as we go through life we face challenges and negative experiences, as well as negative people, who slowly strip us of that initial confidence and cause us to doubt ourselves and our abilities. Do you get frustrated at the way self-doubt holds you back? Then it's time to make some changes!



How Does Hypnotherapy Help To Improve Self-Confidence?


Hypnotherapy works by using suggestions and positive visualisation to change those negative thoughts and self-talk into positive, far more useful self-affirmations that really work, making you the confident, happy person that you were born to be. I will also teach you some self-hypnosis and NLP techniques which will allow you to tap into that feeling of self-confidence wherever and whenever you need it. 












How Many Sessions Will I Need?


Some people will only need a few sessions to make those positive, permanent changes, others may need more. It all depends on you, the amount of work you are willing to put in and how quickly you respond to hypnotherapy. As always, the treatment plan is tailored to you and your specific needs. 



Can Hypnotherapy Change My Personality?


The short answer to that is "no". Hypnotherapy cannot change the person you are inside. However, it can enhance your positive qualities and bring out the self-confidence that you were born with before life took its toll. People may notice that you are much happier, less stressed or frustrated and just more pleasant to be around. I cannot give you any extra characteristics or change your personality in any way, but by working together, we can bring out the qualities that have always been there. 


If you feel that you could do with help in gaining back your own self-confidence, please contact me to book your initial assessment session or to arrange a free 15-minute chat via Skype or telephone to find out more.  


You can come for a face-to-face session at one of my therapy rooms in Devon or we can work just as effectively via Zoom online.  



Contact me today to break free from your self-doubts and start making the most of your life. 


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"Your sessions have really helped me to not get caught up worrying about things. I found the thought observation exercise was really helpful because it got me to separate myself from my thoughts and learn not to let them overcome me. The last session was particularly helpful around building confidence. Thank you so much for all your help. It’s worked wonders for me."
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