Confidence-Building for Teens

Do you know a teenager who would like to feel more confident and in control? Do they need help to think in a clearer, calmer and more positive way? Maybe they are experiencing overwhelm, stress, anxiety and even panic? If so, I can teach them techniques that they can use to feel calmer and more in control. They will learn skills that they will remember and use for life.


There is so much pressure on our youngsters nowadays. So, I am offering this ten-session group programme to give them a safe space every week to come and talk to other teens. We'll discuss the common problems currently affecting our young people and share ideas on how to overcome them.


We'll use a combination of techniques including relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. They will receive a downloadable mp3 each week which will back up what we have covered. All worksheets will be provided but I would also suggest they bring a dedicated journal to make notes on any thoughts and track their progress throughout this journey. 

A brief overview of what will be covered during the ten sessions: 


Session 1

Identifying Dreams

We'll start by having a chat and discussing the common problems that might be causing anxiety. We’ll look at each area of their life and find those that they really want to work on. Where are they lacking confidence right now? What's going well? What needs extra attention? Using a fun, uplifting and inspiring positive future visualisation session, they'll imagine achieving all their goals and becoming the person they want to be. The aim is that they leave this first session feeling inspired and motivated to start making those changes and generally feeling brighter and more hopeful about what can be achieved. 



Session 2

​Setting SMART Goals

​We'll break that one big dream down into smaller parts and create some SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based). We can really think about the “hows” and define the small, achievable goals that will get them closer to achieving those dreams. What small changes can they make to help them move towards their goal? They will visualise a timeline of their life and see how those small changes can help them to create a great future.



Session 3

Dealing with Relationship Issues

As this is something that many young people seem to have trouble with, we’ll have a discussion about how they relate to friends and family and the problems they may have been having recently. Do they ever feel pressured into doing things they don’t really want to do by friends and peers? We will look at how they can confidently but politely stand up for themselves and generally be more assertive.



Session 4

The Relationship Between Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviour

We'll look at any negative thoughts they might have been having and learn about some common thinking errors that can lead to anxiety and depression. We'll really examine those thoughts and I'll show them some techniques for thinking more realistically rather than always expecting the worst. We’ll do a fun visualisation exercise where they'll imagine stepping into the shoes of someone confident that they admire and start to feel what life would be like to think and behave in the way they do.



Session 5

Become Your Own Cheerleader

We'll start to really tune in to that voice that we all have in our heads and discuss what sort of things it may have been saying to them recently.  We spend more time with ourselves than with anyone else, so it is important to make sure that voice that chatters away isn’t always putting us down! Would you spend all day with a friend who was constantly being nasty to you? Probably not. Yet, we do it to ourselves all the time. We’ll imagine that naughty, critical voice as a crazy little cartoon character and have some fun shrinking it until it disappears. We’ll then imagine a more helpful and positive character that can take over and start telling our youngsters all the best things about themselves and giving them more confidence. We'll build their sense of self-esteem and they can keep their own little cheerleader with them at all times. We'll also talk about how they can protect themselves from negative comments and energies. 



Session 6

Relaxation and Time Management

Does your teenager ever feel that they just have too much to do? Are they struggling with trying to keep up with friends and hobbies, do their chores and also keep up with studying and homework? We will look at setting a timetable and organising their days so that they can make the most of the time they have and stop stressing about getting everything done. We’ll do some relaxation as a group and talk about how important it is to make time to relax in some way every day. We’ll also discuss the importance of sleep and I can give them some tips on getting a really good night’s sleep. I will include an extra "Sleep Well" mp3 download this week. 



Session 7

Find Your Inner Confidence

This is another really fun and uplifting session. We'll start to find their inner confidence and bring that to the surface using hypnosis and an NLP technique called "anchoring". They'll be encouraged to go away and create playlists of songs that make them feel good and we'll look at other ways of quickly boosting their mood and increasing those feelings of self-confidence.



Session 8

Feel Calm and In Control

Does your youngster ever feel really anxious or even panicky? We'll talk about the stress response or the “fight or flight” response and the emotional and physical symptoms of stress, anxiety and panic. They'll discuss and identify their own personal triggers. What causes them the most stress and anxiety? How do they cope with stress at the moment? Where do they start to feel the anxiety in their bodies and how do they recognise it? Just being really aware of it, understanding what is happening and why can help them to calm down much more quickly. We'll then imagine that they have a control room in their mind where they can turn off those negative thoughts and images and turn down the physical responses so that they can feel calm and in control again. They can learn how to do this so they can calm themselves down really quickly if that anxiety tries to creep back in again.



Session 9

Confidence for Exams

Would your teen like to feel really calm and confident about taking exams? We’ll discuss some of the common thoughts and fears when it comes to exams. I will then teach them a great visualisation technique for calming those nerves and actually feeling confident and even excited about taking exams in the future.



Session 10

New Beliefs, New You

In this final session, we'll bring everything together and they can make sure they finally release any old fears or negative beliefs that may still be lingering. We’ll discuss the changes they’ve made over the course and talk about anything that might still be bothering them and how we can help them move forward. We’ll do a really fun visualisation exercise where we will imagine all those old anxieties floating away forever. We’ll then imagine replacing them by planting seeds for a fantastic and confident future.

These sessions will take place every Thursday evening at 5 pm at @One Holistic Centre, Oak Road, Aylesbeare EX5 2DA. The first session is Thursday 30th January. Each session will be 90 minutes long. 

Please contact me to book a place as space is limited. Call 07577 485250 if you'd like a chat about it or just want to ask questions. Each session is £10 and that can be paid in cash on the evening or you can contact me for Paypal details. You are welcome to book and pay on a week-by-week basis. 

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