NLP - Neuro-Linguistic-Programming

What is NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic-Programming?

NLP is the study of how we think and communicate with ourselves and other people, and of how we can use this to get the results we want. NLP is “the study of subjective experience”.

The three central principles of NLP are:

Neuro, meaning the nervous system. This refers to the mind and the sensory organs and the ways in which we receive and filter information through our five senses.

Linguistic, which refers to the way we communicate and interpret the world and all events and experiences through spoken words, body language, images, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells.

Programming, meaning the way we construct personal programs of thought, communication and behaviour.

How can NLP help me?

NLP is great for teaching you a different way of thinking and changing the way you respond to certain situations. It is a great tool to help with personal issues, such as weight loss, overcoming bad habits and increasing self-esteem, as just a few examples. It can also be a very effective way of boosting your performance at work, whether you need help with speaking up in meetings, getting people to listen to your ideas, or you need more confidence with sales or public speaking.


I use NLP alongside hypnosis to create an all-around effective package to help you, whatever the problem might be. 


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