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Past Life Regression

Do you ever feel that you have come from a completely different time or place? Do you often experience déjà vu or meet people you feel you have known for years? Perhaps you have problems, allergies, phobias, or destructive patterns of behaviour that you feel originated in a lifetime before. Do you have questions about karmic connections, soul mates, or twin flames? Do you have recurring dreams of a past life and feel that you would like to explore that further? 

Past life regression uses hypnosis to take you into a relaxed and focused state whereby some people believe that it is possible to access memories of other lives our souls have experienced. Those who experience past life regression describe the experience as something that is unlike anything they have ever felt before. Whether they are actual memories of a past life or just the result of the person's imagination I can't tell you for sure. However, the visions, messages, and emotions that come through during these sessions are very vivid and often very comforting and healing. 


Sometimes people not only experience a past life but also drift into that time between lifetimes that we might describe as "heaven" or our "soul home". Here you can connect with your higher self, spiritual guides and guardian angels. You can access deep healing and gain more understanding about your current life purpose. This is sometimes called "Life Between Lives" or "Interlife" regression. 

Spiritual hypnosis can be really useful if you find yourself repeating unwanted patterns over and over again, have unexplained pains, allergies or health issues that the doctors cannot find reasons for or feel that you are carrying anxiety, depression, guilt, jealousy or some other negative emotion with no explanation related to this lifetime.


If you would like to experience spiritual hypnotherapy, please get in touch. You may be able to connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones in spirit, your higher self or your Akashic Records to gain important messages and advice as to how you can help yourself heal and progress more easily on your spiritual journey. 

The session fees are £120 for a 90-minute appointment. 

Appointments are available in person in Exeter, or online via Zoom or WhatsApp from wherever you are in the world. Please click on the button below to book your online session or contact me to book your face-to-face appointment.

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