The Keys to Confidence Group Programme

What is the "Keys to Confidence" Group Programme? 

It is so easy for our hopes and dreams to be become buried and forgotten and for our lives to become about work, family, money and generally just "getting by". This can lead to feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety and even depression and physical illness. 


I have worked with many people over the past few years, helping them to overcome anxiety and overwhelm and make personal and practical changes that have enabled them to start living a calmer, healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. Some have even gone on to fulfil dreams and life goals they had forgotten they even had! I have used what I have learned working with those clients individually to devise this unique programme combining what I have discovered to be the best and most effective techniques from the fields of hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and life coaching. Rediscover your happiness, inner confidence and passion for life. I say "rediscover" because you have all this and more buried somewhere inside you, we just need to unlock it and bring it all back out to the surface. 


We'll meet weekly at Serendipity in Honiton as a small group of up to 8 people. I hope to create a safe and supportive environment where you can begin to rediscover your lost goals and dreams and get your life heading in the right direction for you. You'll also work on your inner thoughts and feelings and we'll be learning lots of strategies and techniques for lowering stress and anxiety as well as using guided meditation to really reach those deepest, long-held and possibly outdated beliefs. 


In every session, you'll receive worksheets and handouts to help you along your journey. As well as our weekly group hypnosis sessions, I will send you an mp3 of a similar session relating to that week's theme that you can download and listen to at home. I'll also teach you how to use self-hypnosis so that you can use the techniques anytime and anywhere to help to calm you or just give you a quick boost of confidence. This transformational programme will look at thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how they all work together. Therefore, I will be asking you to complete various tasks and start putting those changes into place. You'll be creating new, healthier life habits that will help you feel calmer and more confident and slowly but surely, lead you towards becoming a happier, more confident person. I would also encourage you to buy a journal in which you can start to record your transformational journey and keep a note of thoughts, feelings and ideas as we work through the programme. 


Please read on to find out a little more about each session and then let me know if you have any comments or questions. If this programme sounds like something that would benefit you and you feel ready to commit to becoming calmer, more confident, more fulfilled and generally just happier, then please contact me to book your place. 



The Ten Session Programme
Session 1. 
Identify your Dreams


We'll look at each area of your life and find the areas that you really want to work on. Where is your life lacking right now? What's going well? What needs extra attention? Using a fun, uplifting and inspiring hypnosis session, you'll identify your ultimate goal and imagine living your best life, being the person you want to be. 


Session 2. 
Set SMART Goals

We'll break that one big dream down into smaller parts and create some SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based). We can really think about the hows and define the small, achievable goals that will get you closer to becoming your best self. Just one small change a day could help you on the right course. We'll use hypnosis to help get you started and then you can go away and really start to plan out those small goals. 




Session 3. Wednesday 22nd May
Recognise Your Potential

We'll look at what has been stopping you from reaching your goals so far. When you think about achieving these goals, what comes to mind? What limiting beliefs do you have about your life or yourself that keep stopping you? In this session, we'll start to tackle some of those obstacles and, using hypnosis, we'll begin to clear your mind of those blockages so you can begin to clearly see the path to your dream life. In this session, we'll also start focusing on the positive aspects of your life and identify your personal resources. Over the next week, you'll be encouraged to start a gratitude journal and you'll start noticing the more positive aspects of your life. 




Session 4. Wednesday 29th May
Change your Thoughts

We'll look at those negative thoughts and some common thinking errors that can lead to anxiety and depression. We'll really examine those thoughts and I'll show you some techniques for thinking more realistically rather than always expecting the worst. In hypnosis, we'll do a fun exercise where you imagine stepping into the shoes of someone confident that you admire and start to feel what life would be like to think and behave in the way they do. Over the next week, you'll be encouraged to start examining the thoughts you have and changing them into far more positive and uplifting messages to yourself. 




Session 5. Wednesday 5th June
Become Your Own Best Friend


We'll start to really tune in to that critical voice that we all have in our heads. You spend more time with yourself than with anyone else, so it is important to make sure that voice that chatters away isn’t always putting you down! Would you spend all day with someone else who constantly criticised you? Probably not. Yet, we do it to ourselves all the time. So, this week, we'll build on that idea of disputing negative thoughts and we are going to shrink and quiet that little negative voice using hypnosis. You are going to replace it with something far more positive and become your own best friend and cheerleader.




Session 6. Wednesday 12th June
Make Time for YOU


We'll look at reducing stress and anxiety. What causes stress in your life? What helps to calm you? Hobbies? Relaxation? Meditation? Do you feel like you just don’t have time? You are important to yourself, your friends and your family. You may feel that you are always the one giving, but you can't give from an empty cup. So, we'll start organising your time so you don’t feel constantly flustered and stressed and we are even going to plan in time for you to relax. We'll start planning your new daily routine. The hypnosis session this week will focus on letting go of stress and will be something you can listen to and use daily to blow away those daily troubles. We'll also be tackling insomnia and looking at sleep hygiene. You will get a bonus MP3 to download this week that will help to prepare you for a great night's sleep. 




Session 7. Wednesday 19th June
Find Your Inner Confidence


This is another really fun and uplifting session. We'll start to find your inner confidence and bring that to the surface using hypnosis and an NLP technique called "anchoring". You'll be encouraged to go away and create playlists of songs that make you feel good and we'll look at other ways of boosting your mood and increasing those feelings of self-confidence through the use of your senses and how they relate to sub-conscious processes. 





Session 8. Wednesday 26th June
Feel Calm and In Control

We'll talk about the stress response or the “fight or flight” response and the emotional and physical symptoms of stress, anxiety and panic. You'll identify your own personal triggers. What causes you stress and anxiety? How do you cope with the triggers? Where do you start to feel the anxiety? Just being really aware of it, understanding what is happening and why can help you to calm down much more quickly. We'll then use hypnosis to tune into a control room in your mind and begin to switch off the response. You can learn how to do this so you can calm yourself down really quickly if that anxiety tries to creep back in again. 




Session 9. Wednesday 3rd July
Overcome Specific Anxieties

In this session, I'll take you through a really effective, evidence-based hypnosis technique for overcoming anxiety or anticipatory stress over a social situation, work presentation, speech or something else that you tend to get anxious or worked up about. You'll begin to rewire your brain so that the previous trigger no longer has that anxiety-inducing effect. 




Session 10. Wednesday 10th July
New Beliefs, New You

In this final session, we'll bring everything together and you can make sure you finally release any old patterns or habits that may still be lingering. You'll be encouraged to let go of any aspects of your old character that you don’t want or need anymore. Those that don’t fit your new life as a confident, independent and happy woman. We'll look at any limiting beliefs that you are still struggling with and use hypnosis to free your mind so that you make room for those new, positive beliefs to continue to grow and develop. 


Your Investment 


If you would like to sign up for this course, I ask that you come with an open mind feeling ready and committed to making changes in your life and supporting other women in their journey. It is important that you make every effort to attend each session as each week we'll be looking at a different aspect of your life and the sessions will build upon each other. You will be required to complete a client intake form before the first session. 

This brand new programme has an introductory price of just £100 per person for the whole package. You will be asked to pay the fee upfront and commit to the weekly sessions. This price includes all ten sessions, all worksheets and handouts and a total of eleven mp3 recordings. Simply contact me to arrange payment and secure your place. Spaces are limited, so please book soon to avoid disappointment. 






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