Stop Smoking


Kick the Habit


Imagine how great your life would be if you were no longer a smoker. No more standing out in the cold while you take your cigarette breaks, no more of that bad breath, nicotine-stained fingers or the constant smell of old cigarettes following you wherever you go.


Now think about the health benefits. It is said that smokers live an average of ten years less than non-smokers. Just think about all the cancers and other nasty diseases that are associated with smoking.


Then there is the financial gain you can expect from quitting. Have you worked out recently the amount of money you are wasting on cigarettes? What else could you be doing with all that money? 



Now, I know that you are most likely reading this because you have thought about all those things and you really do want to stop smoking for good. If so, have you ever considered hypnotherapy? 


How Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?


Hypnotherapy works by accessing the part of your mind that is responsible for all habits. Until now your mind has been programmed through years of repetition, to believe that smoking is benefiting you in some way. This makes it really hard to break that habit, even if you really want to stop.  Using hypnosis, we can work together to reach that part of your mind and begin to reprogramme it through a series of suggestions. 


We will also discuss why you started smoking, what you feel you gain from it and what has stopped you from quitting in the past. We can then think of ways that you can gain those positive aspects in a healthier way. 


Obviously, you still have free will, so you really have to want to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do and it is much more effective if you want to do it for yourself, rather than being bullied into quitting by well-meaning friends or family members.



How many sessions will I need? 


If you'd simply like to work on giving up smoking, we can do that in a two-session smoking cessation package. We will start with a 90-minute session where we can assess your smoking habit and identify patterns of behaviour and your motivation for giving up. I will then give you some behaviour-changing tasks to carry out before we meet again a week later when you'll quit for good. I have found that this produces the best results for my clients. 

If you feel you have other issues that also need dealing with, such as overcoming stress and anxiety, increasing confidence, or weight management, then one of my other packages may be a better fit for you. We can combine several techniques, including smoking cessation and gradually deal with each of those issues so that you can move on in a much healthier, calmer and more confident state of mind. Please contact me for a free strategy session to discuss how I can best help you to reach all your goals. 

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