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Break an Unwanted Habit

Do you find yourself mindlessly biting your nails as a way to relax? Are your fingers feeling sore and looking unsightly as a result?


Maybe you pull out your hair or pick at your skin when you're feeling anxious or stressed. It may be something you've been doing for so long that you barely even notice when you're doing it. 


Are you smoking, drinking alcohol daily or eating too many crisps or sweets and feel you want to stop but don't know how?


Maybe you've noticed your health suffering as a result of some of these habits and you know it's time to stop. 

All of these behaviours are simply an attempt to deal with underlying anxiety. You might find them comforting or satisfying and, at that moment, the anxiety or stress does seem to reduce. Therefore, the habit becomes a compulsion and so you keep repeating it. However, it isn't a long-term solution to anxiety and can often make it worse in the long term. 

If you have a habit that you'd like to overcome, please come and have a chat. I'll tailor a six-week programme for you and help you to stop that unwanted behaviour whilst tackling the underlying stress and anxiety. We'll replace the unwanted habit with something much more useful so that you can move forward feeling confident that you won't slip back into those old ways.