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The Hypnotherapy Programme

What's Included In The Programme? 


Choose from a 3-week or 6-week programme that combines a number of powerful and effective techniques to help you get the lasting results you want. We work with both the subconscious and conscious processes so that those deeper changes are taking place but you also have practical strategies to empower you to get results more quickly. The more effort you put in, the more effective the therapy will be and I will be there to support you as we work through your programme together. 


Each therapy programme will be completely tailored to you. Each treatment plan is as unique as you are, but will include:

  • Weekly hypnotherapy sessions either online or in one of my Devon therapy rooms 

  • My support and encouragement where needed between sessions via a phone call, messages or emails

  • Tasks to complete to help you make the deeper changes you desire

  • Hypnosis mp3 recordings to reinforce the deeper changes between our sessions together

Will I be unconscious while under hypnosis?

At no time will you be unconscious. In fact, you need to remain alert and focused and very much a part of the process as it is a collaborative experience whereby I guide you, but you do the work. Most people find the sessions deeply relaxing, though. You will hear everything I say and you are able to regain full conscious awareness at any time during the session. Imagine a really deep meditation and that will give you an idea of how hypnosis feels.


You will only take on the suggestions that you feel are beneficial to you and we will have discussed these before the hypnotherapy begins. You experience hypnosis several times a day, in fact, so it is nothing you haven't felt before. Think of the last time you were totally engrossed in a good book or film and you shut out the rest of the world for a short time. This state of absolute focus is very similar to hypnosis. 

What about the stage hypnotists on TV or hypnotists in films? Will you take control of my mind as they appear to do?

Absolutely not. Nobody can control your mind or your thoughts. Please disregard anything you have seen on stage or TV and don't let it put you off hypnotherapy. Rest assured that you are in control at all times, all I do is assist your own, powerful mind to make the changes you want to make. Hypnotherapy is nothing like the stage hypnotists you have seen in shows or on television but is a very useful form of therapy. There will be no clucking like a chicken or barking like a dog at the sound of a bell (unless you decide that will help to overcome your anxiety and decide on it as a goal, of course!!). My only job is to assist you in getting to the real root of your problem and helping you make the changes you want so you can feel better, move past those old limiting beliefs and start living the life you desire.  

Quiet Desk

Book a Free Consultation

I am currently offering a FREE initial 45-minute online consultation so that we can confidentially discuss your needs and you can ask any questions you might have before deciding whether I'm the right therapist for you and which programme will suit you best. 

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