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Privacy Policy

Please rest assured that your privacy is very important to me and that I fully comply with the GDPR regulations. This Privacy Policy will help you to understand how I protect and use any personal information that you provide.


  • If you contact me via this website or give me your telephone number, home address or email address, please know that they will not be used for anything other than for me to communicate directly with you. It will not be sold or distributed to any third party.


  • My site uses a tool which collects information on the pages you visit and passes elements of this to search engines to assist them in indexing my site.



  • I will protect your personal information with the utmost care. I keep all paper forms and notes in a locked filing cabinet in my home office and make sure that nobody else has access to the key. Any information kept on my computer is password protected. All information is deleted or shredded after six years. 



  • I will never share your information with anyone else without your written permission unless required by law or in the event that I become worried about your safety or the safety of others around you. 



  • I have monthly meetings with my supervisor who is another qualified hypnotherapist. This is a requirement for all therapists and it is recommended by all professional bodies and societies that all practising hypnotherapists engage in at least 30 minutes of supervision per month. While I might discuss cases I am working on, I will never reveal any identifying information on any of my clients. 


If you would like details of the information I hold about you or you would like your details to be permanently removed from my site, please contact me. 

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